On the sets of Iftar Mulaqaat, we found the beautiful Ayesha Omar, who showed up for the 5th episode of the show. Iftar Mulaqaat is hosted by Hina Khawaja Bayat and this show is her comeback to the world of hosting after a long time. Chef Shai is the resident cook and she prepares 2 main dishes and one beverage for every episode.

Ayesha and Hina had a very jovial conversation where they talked about various aspects of life, Ramadan, career and the Pakistani media industry. There were a few things Ayesha was a bit shy or reluctant about talking, like the excruciatingly painful surgeries she had to go through after her life threatening accident. She also discussed the matters of privacy in her field, exclaiming,

I gave up on privacy a long time ago. There’s no privacy in this field.

She was also a bit aggravated by the fact that people don’t consider them as humans and even though the fans love them the celebrities just don’t get their due share of respect and space.

We are treated like public property.”- Ayesha Omar

When we moved on to lighter topics, she confessed to have a problem, saying that,

I have a problem. I can’t stop playing with my hair.

That was something very adorable coming from an actress as mature as Ayesha Omar, on one occasion she added, “Mein jab apni purani tasweerain dekhti hon tou I was like I’m was so stupid.

She was very uncontrived when it came to discussing her modeling, future aspirations and eating habits! Stay tuned for more details on Geo Kahani, daily 6 to 7pm!

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