Atif Aslam misbehaved with Asha Bhosle

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Atif Aslam

26/11/12  While the contestants on an Indo-Pak music contest Sur Kshetra battle it out on the music floor, far less concordant notes were stuck behind the scenes when according to sources from the set in Dubai where the entire show was shot, Pakistant pop singer Atif Aslam continuously behaved in an abrupt and rude fashion with his iconic co-judge Asha Bhosle.

While the iconic singer, not known to suffer highhanded beaviour, took the arrogant behaviour sportingly enough for a while she finally gave up and walked out of the show. Apparently it took all of the channel Sahara India’s CEO Boney Kapoor’s persuasive powers to bring her back on the show.

In her effort to downplay the differences with the Tere bin singer, Ashaji brushes off the younger singer’s rudeness. `It’s just drama and masala to get viewers’ attention. Atif is a very good boy. And so handsome. He touched my feet at the beginning of the show and said I was like his mother. Yes, we did have some initial differences. But nothing major, just like a mother bickering with her child. `

Ashaji says she kept away from the show for some weeks not because of her differences with Atif but because she was unwell.

However the Surshetra producer Gajendra Singh spills the beans saying, `Atif’s conduct with Ashaji was not proper. We were all shocked and wondered why he was behaving this way. Finally matters came to a head and Ashaji walked out of the show for a couple of weeks.

Two people persuaded her to return. One was Boney Kapoor and the other was Ashaji’s niece Rachana Shah. If they hadn’t mediated God knows what we’d have done. Ashaji is like the foundation and touchstone of the show. `