Asin gets jealous seeing Akshay Kumar with Claudia

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While we see Asin dancing with Akshay Kumar and item girl Claudia Ciesla in the song Balma in Khiladi 786, it is learnt that initially the actress was only supposed to be a spectator in it. As our source reveals, “The scene is such that Asin gets jealous seeing Akshay dance with Claudia. And she’s supposed to convey that with her expressions.”

However, when she heard the song on location at a Worli nightspot, she was keen to dance in it too. “She had not heard the song before, but once she heard it, she was insisted that she too perform in it too,” divulges our informer. Not surprisingly, even Asin‘s staff was praising the Balma track, saying it was sure to become a hit number. And since it was the first song of the film to go on air, Asin reportedly reasoned with the film’s makers about how it was important for her to dance in the song. “Eventually, the film’s makers gave in to their heroine’s demand,” says our source, adding, “So, Asin’s dance was incorporated as part of Akshay’s daydreaming about her while dancing with Claudia.”

When contacted, the film’s creative producer Rakesh Upadhyay declined to comment