Asim Azhar has another feather to his cap: Collaborated with International band??

Singer Asim Azhar has broaden his canvas and collaborated with EDM band of America named Krewella, that includes two sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf, whose father is of Pakistani descent. Their new song Paradise from their new album Zero is released now. Asim Azhar took to his social media and shared this video;
Krewalla is basically an electro music band that has an edge of dubstep as well and some beats of EDM. They have recently shared a list of their album’s song and we can see Asim Azhar’s named at the fifth song.
So proud of our ace singer collaborating with one of the best bands of America. It is an English song that revolves arounf new era and new trends. Furthermore, Asim Azhar’s graceful and melodious voice has given it an exotic edge with some Punjabi lines at the end.
Here is the post the singer share on his social media!

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