Asad Shan, critically acclaimed award winning British Actor and Filmmaker is coming to Pakistan to kick start his next big film!

Asad Shan is set for an exciting fortnight in Pakistan from when he lands on the 5th November. Based between Karachi and Lahore, he plans to meet the forerunners of the Pakistani film and cinema industry and meet cutting-edge partners to collaborate with on his upcoming project, which is already set up for distribution around the world, including the UK, USA and India.


Asad Shan made his UK film debut with “7 welcome to London”. This went on to become the UK’s highest grossing British Asian film and was deemed both a commercial and creative success. His eagerly anticipated second feature film “London Life” is due to be released in March 2015.

Currently Asad Shan is the global face of Zee Network and Zing TV. His company, Iconic Productions UK Ltd has been producing two weekly TV shows since 2011: Grinds My Teeth and Brits Bollywood.

As one of the UK’s most widely recognised and celebrated British Asian actors, Asad Shan has a large, and growing, international fan following. A personal career highlight for Asad Shan was being awarded “Personality of the year” at the 2013 UK Pakistan Achievements Awards.

Having taken much of his creative inspiration from Pakistani culture and entertainment, Asad Shan is dedicated to making Pakistani cinema available all around the world.


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