Mezan Group’s #RespectHOLYPROPHETPBUH TVC Highlights What’s Really Important This #Ramadan

As Muslims await the beloved sighting of a new crescent moon to begin the ninth Holy month, Ramadan, Mezan Group has brought a very powerful campaign for our eyes, ears, and soul. Ramadan marks the beginning of a one-month journey for every Muslim around the world where fasting, praying, being kind, and abstinence from all wrongful things make us reflect within ourselves and in our respective communities so that we may become better human beings and society as a whole.

What is particularly impressive is how Mezan has beautifully captured the essence of Ramadan in this TVC. You will see people praying in unconventional spaces, being kind to animals, sharing food with neighbors, making charitable donations wherever they can, and coming together as a community to break their fast with a soothing Naat sung by the vocally gifted Shiraz Uppal in the background. You will also spot Mezan Group’s products enriching all the rituals of Ramzan such as Cola Next on the beach, Mezan Cooking Oil to fry food, sharing a cup of Mezan Ultra Rich tea with neighbors and family. What we really enjoyed was Shoaib Akhtar making an appearance as the ambassador of Mezan Group, where he is returning the thoughtful gestures shown by people in the TVC.

The TVC itself is a visual treat, beautifully shot in different areas of Pakistan with visual Hadiths after a small segment, and a very pleasant end: a montage of tweets of real people including Shoaib Akhtar, praising and respecting Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The tweets and the Hadiths served as a much-needed reminder that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is indeed the perfect example for Muslims to imitate in these troublesome times. It also brings to home the fact that there are people who will have a little less than what they did last year: some have lost family members, friends, source of income, a sense of who they were and more, thus in trying times like this we have to move forward with kindness and a sense of community as our Prophet (PBUH) did.

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