Art exhibition: An ‘intersection’ of diversit

ISLAMABAD: Twelve individual observations and feelings expressed in different art forms have been put together at the National Art Gallery. This virtual intellectual tour, which opened to the public on Thursday, aims to help the audience understand the world around them.

A pentagonal game board conceived and created by one of 12 young artists of National College of Arts (NCA) attracted most people. Every goti (carom-man) on the tabletop displayed the pictures of Pakistan’s leadership over the years.

Whenever someone struck a goti with the striker, it would go on the carom board in a random direction, thus demonstrating the weak political systems of the country.

Mobeen Ansari, one of the featured artists, said, “Basically, everyone’s work is more political compared to last year’s graduates, which was more about personal feelings.

Over the last 4 years, we’ve become more politically aware and frustrated because NCA Rawalpindi is in Liaquat Bagh, which is basically a political beehive.”

The exhibiting artists at the show, Hifza Sakina Akbar, Mobeen Ansari, Anuje Farhung, Misbah Iqbal, Myra Javed, Ayesha Kamal, Xainab Khan, Mariam Kundi, Fareeha Nazneen, Naireen Zia Butt, Zeeshan Younas and Hira Zubair, belong to the graduating class of 2011 of NCA Rawalpindi campus.

The work on display ranges from traditional miniatures to sculptures, prints and ceramics. They exhibit great skill, imagination and social awareness in their art pieces and an ability to articulate their concerns in meaningful ways.

“The artists have reflected their inner feelings through visual symbols and have explored, pondered and documented their concerns with objectivity,” said Mussarrat Nahid Imam, Director Visual Arts at the gallery.

She said that the exhibition will pave way for the students to enter the art community and contribute to its future.

The exhibit and will continue here at the National Arts Gallery till May 29.

With additional input from APP