Arooj Ahmed for PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013

Arooj Ahmed

“Any designer’s biggest dream is to demonstrate their talent and be recognized for it. PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week’s ZONG Promotes Emerging Talent show is doing just that by providing a golden opportunity for all emerging talent to come forward and show their worth through their creations.” Arooj Ahmed will be showcasing her debut collection titled ‘The Magnificent Mandarin’ at the ‘ZONG Promotes Emerging Talent’ segment of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013. The womenswear collection is inspired from the mandarin-fish, a brightly multi-coloured marine creature which is also known by the name of ‘the marine painting’. For the collection Arooj ensured that fabric selection, textures & design details were made keeping in mind the true feeling and persona of her ‘marine painting’. Synthetic lama, a relatively uncommon fabric was used due to its subtle luster, sheen, hand feel and was accompanied by different types of digitally printed organza which helped in attaining the delicacy of the fins. The colour palettes in the collection majorly consist of blues and oranges, with other vibrant shades used to accentuate the palette. Arooj has played with the basic silhouettes by cut lines to make them more altered and inimitable, giving a contemporary look to nature’s beauty. For Arooj Ahmed, the journey of fashion began in 2008 when a fashion sketch turned an art student into a designer. The Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design, from where she graduated, also played a significant role in turning a dream of fashion into reality and helped in grooming, shaping & mentoring her talent. Mother Nature has always been a source of inspiration for Arooj who feels that nothing artificially created can match with the beauty of what creator has blessed the earth with. Her innovative designs embody nature’s beauty and turn it into reality, fusing organic forms and shapes with clean cut lines. The designs represent the modern women of today who are bold, confident yet feminine. Vivacious colors with experimental silhouette add to the appeal and interest of the garment. The basic concept of the label is to create something which is unique and trendy but also enhances the beauty of human body.

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