Armeena Khan Shut Down the Haters with a Powerful Statement

Armeena Khan was quite prominent on Internet from the past few days while promoting her Movie Yalghaar. With her recent international promotional tour Armeena has been euphorically basking in the spotlight and like other celebrities she also became a victim of criticism, abusive and Undiscerning comments.

Armeena recently uploaded a picture of her at the Los Angeles premiere of her film Yalghaar, with a rebuttal that dismissed negative comments about her physical appearance

She discussed how her physical attributes are not entitled to any form of insult and called out on vicious internet trolls who pinned her with demeaning terms such as ‘whore’ and ‘slut.’
A few days passed, and as distasteful opinions still persisted, the actress decided to screenshot various comments and compile them into a post, labeling it a form of ‘internet terrorism’

She questioned why most comments were written by females, and rightly pointed out how hardly any displayed context of constructive criticism. Instead, they were incredibly distressing. She laid out how she fully comprehended the shortcomings with venturing into the Pakistani visual medium but stated she would never tolerate abuse.

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