Architect Inc and Propaganda Pakistan – Redefining Concepts!

By Marian Sharaf Joseph

The Propaganda Movement began over two hundred years ago by wealthy sons of Filipinos, who had gone to Europe for higher studies. The Propaganda Movement was inspired by the martyrdom of three catholic priests by Spanish in Philippines. The purpose was to unveil the bitter truth in subtle manner through various forms of art while aiming to strengthen and improve relationships with the Spanish colonial rulers.

In 1994, Propaganda Movement took an interesting twist. From literature, poetry and painting, it took a modern and more direct approach via advertisement. Named Propagandist Company Limited, it was a group of advertising experts who embedded the idea of propaganda art in the commercials they made for major consumer products. Based in Thailand, Propagandist Company Limited was established in 1994 by a group of four advertising experts who made commercials for major consumer products. Within two years, their concept was adopted by advertising companies the world over that now are working in collaboration with its parent company.

Propaganda Movement may have been around for years in Pakistan, but a young company of architects have introduced the movement to lay people. The company named Architect Inc is owned by three young enthusiast graduates from National College of Arts, and the movement is called Propaganda Pakistan. The company consists of Saad Kureshi, Irfan Naveed and Awais Khan. Extremely talented, their individual creativity adds to the perfect of the product they design; be it a corporate landscape; Zephyr Textile Mills Office, or fashion hub; World Fashion Cafe or government sponsored event; Japan Ichi Expo set design for Independence Day celebration – Architect Inc has done it to complete perfection. Their first project was to redesign a gaming cafe that they had criticised to the extent that the owner dared them to redesign it. Their fee; a daily meal from the cafe for the entire month!  Since then on, the trio have added immensely to challenging and dynamic creativity to the current architectural concepts in Pakistan.

One of the Architect Inc – Irfan, first spotted a Propaganda product at Nabila’s Salon in 1994. It was a cheeky ashtray built to discourage smoking that caught his attention. Enquiring her, although she did not remember specifically from where she got it, he learnt that it was from Thailand. Years have gone since then, but frequently trips to Thailand finally led him to where it came from.

The products ranging from PKR 500 to 2000 and above, has an offensive Mr P as their mascot. Though bold in conveying message the imagery acceptable and not ugly. These priceless items include products and accessories to accentuate the atmosphere and aura of an interior. These are mugs, bookmarks, bottle openers, magnets, ash trays, funky tooth-shaped seats and lamps.  Architect Inc has franchised the Propaganda for Pakistan with significant public service messages that need to be pondered upon in everyday life.

Propaganda Pakistan’s official fan page on facebook attracted 10, 641 fans to date. From its debut exhibition, the Propaganda has been a huge hit. The angular mugs on display were sold out in one day of the exhibition and everyone wants to have more and more of these products.

Architect Inc is currently working on the official website of Propaganda Pakistan. Each product has a statement of its own – such as the green Mr P image that was displayed on facebook for the Independence Day. Propaganda Pakistan products may have a weird twist to it – humorous in fact – it defines the person who owns and displays it at home or office. One does not have to say anything. Simply display Propaganda Pakistan wherever you want and it says it all!

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