Aquaman: Is Jason Momoa the only reason to watch the movie or does it offers much more? Let’s find out!

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Not much hyped up movie and for sure did not get much attention by media, the DC fans must have waited for this movie to hit the screen with the bang and prove everyone wrong about the super heroes in DC comics. This movie has caught attention by its exclusive look as it offered much more than just saving the world. We are surely enthralled by the masculine, beardy and smoky eyed Jason Momoa who grips trident in one hand and wait! Can we just ignore a stunning lady that steals our heart just by her exotic beauty and those killing expressions? No definitely no, Meera the princess of Xebel within the ocean has portrayed herself to be the significant part of the storyline and she does it well.

Arthur, played by Jasoin Momoa, king of Atlantis who was half breed as his mother was the queen of Atlantis but ran away from the kingdom and met his father who was a normal human and they had a child named Arthur. But eventually she had to leave them to save their lives and sacrificed herself to Atlantis. Well, the starting of the movie was quite overwhelming and we were highly triggered by the captivating story. So moving a step forward, we loved the acting skills of Jason Momoa as he kept himself intact to the character throughout the movie. Not really interested in being the king of Atlantis, he kept on running from the destiny he owned as his half-brother in the ocean had been planning to cause destruction at the surface of the earth by getting allied from the 7 ocean kings and queens!

The visual effects applied to the movie were quite apprehensible and went totally with the storyline of the movie. It’s a film bursting with incidents, characters and twists, and Wan and his production team have fun imagining the myriad different realms, both on land and sea, where Arthur and Mera must travel. This movie should be the must- success for DC as Marvel Super heroes always tend to steal the show by their extravagant characters. All praises for Jason Momoa and James Wan the director of the movie, who despite of the fact, received not so overwhelming comments but turned all down by making it all happen while creating relatability within the content! Hats Off!

Not so impressive at the box office till now still aquaman is the kick start movie for the DC to further go for such well-directed and extremely engaging movies that are surely different from the macho heroes of marvel. Not crossing the limits, the movie somehow has grabbed our attention so much that we can’t resist but to watch what would happen next!