Andaaz initiates an event Curry & Concert with Andaaz! Taking Desi cuisines to Perfection!

Located in the heart of Lahori Food paradise Food Street offering an exceptional view of BadShahi Mosque which is surrounded by ancient walls. Andaaz is the place for desi food admirers which we all are for sure! You name any desi food you want and you get the best version of it. That’s what we call a fancy dinner!

Andaaz is housed in the private house which is built in 1926 and renovated in 2008 and beautifully articulated with descriptive art and crafts through ages! Buffet is their ultimate specialty and a recommended dine in if you want to cherish everything exotic yet enriched with taste!

Ebuzzteam has been recently invited for the Curry and Concert event which is held on Sunday. We can assume it is the Sunday special and what more is required if you have desi heavenly cuisines all under one roof! Talking of roof, it has amazing roof top that would give you experience of beautiful view of historical monuments

This place can accommodate more than 170 guests easily and is designed in such a manner that it caters comfortable stairway and luxurious elevator that would give you enough protocol towards your royal desi food.

Private courtyard & secure roadside parking is available for up to twenty automobiles.

Andaaz is owned and operated by Chef Ahmed Chema. He holds degrees in culinary arts and communication design.Accompanied by the cultural music that depicts your heritage is an addition to the flavor of food!

Buffet starts from 8 pm and ends at 10 pm to be exact on has reasonable price range per head rs.1999 and offers a lot of delectable desi food items that would surely tempt you!

Must haves:

BBq and kabebs

Palak Paneer and Karahi

Fried fish and chanps

Gulab jamuns

Garam jalebi