An Exclusive Interview With Owner Of Aieena Salon “Mastoorah Burki”

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1) What made you choose this field of work?

My love for beauty and perfection. I always enjoyed grooming and styling people ever since I can remember.

2) What make-up product do you think is the most underrated and why?

I believe that “Finishing loose powder” is the most underrated make-up product. I feel that most people don’t realize the benefits of its use. There is good make-up and then there is make-up that gives a perfect and polished look, the latter can only be achieved by Finishing Powder.

3) What’s the most used product in your own make-up bag? What products do you use on your skin?

My M.A.C lipstick, color “Chatter Box” and Black Mascara. A little color on the lips brightens your whole face plus this particular pinkish shade is good for me all year long in any season.
I have used and tried many products on my skin and have also changed my moisturizers over the years with changing needs of the skin, and good skincare is an essential base for any beauty look. Skin products that I swear by; face wash, “Clinique liquid facial soap mild”, cleanser “Clinique Clarifying lotion (dry combination”), moisturizer “Olay Regenerist “and Clarins Hydra Quench Cream.

4) What are your winter make-up essentials? What is predicted trend for Spring Summer 2020?

A great all day moisturizer, rich lipstick and a cream blush for some rosy cheeks are a must winter makeup essentials. One of my favorite blushes is, M.A.C Cremeblend Blush “Something Special”. My favorite rich lipsticks; Tom Ford’s Ultra-Rich Lip Color “LessMepris” and “Scarlet Rouge”. M.A.C lipstick colors “Morange” and “Fusion pink” My predicted trends for this spring/summer  are the blue hues, long lashes, glossy skin, bright lips and twisted hair.

5) What beauty advice would you give for an everyday look for a working woman?

I believe that an everyday look should be simple and easy to maintain. After moisturizing your face, if one needs to cover any discoloration or uneven skin tone, start with a good but light base/foundation, dust off some loose face powder for setting an all day lasting look. Strong brows is a gorgeous professional look, fill brows with an eyeshade colour that matches your eyebrows, fill along the natural