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Amina Sheikh

She can easily be called actor of the year. Since the time this dusky beauty emerged on the showbiz scene she has been a hit. It’s the versatile Amina Sheikh we are talking about. Be it modelling, hosting or acting, Aminah does it all with panache. Though petite and diminutive in real life, on screen it’s a different story altogether. Gifted with a charismatic and attractive personality this girl is destined to rule. She is wearing many caps at this point in time. Amina Sheikh is Brand Ambassador of Kamal Lawn by Zara Shahjahan and Lux. With her thought provoking characters and skilful execution of role plays, Amina Sheikh name has become synonymous with perfection. . Her versatility and her perseverance make her a role model for the young aspirants to follow their dreams. Ebuzz Today caught this gorgeous girl and talk about her career, life and future projects:

Induction in ShowBiz

“I completed my BA in film from Hampshire College, Amherst MA (USA), took the plunge back home to Pakistan, volunteered for Kara Film Festival and applied for a job at Geo TV. Acting in theatre is something that I did throughout my academic career. Flash forward two years, I was offered a commercial and a tele-film simultaneously. I, then took the plunge in the entertainment industry, made it my focus and never looked back”.

“I did a tele-film ‘Gurmukh Sing ki Waseeyat’ under the production of Khalid Ahmed which was a part of a series called ‘partition stories’ and around the same time I did a cover shoot for a magazine where I was one of the bond girls.”  Hence, fashion and acting from the start have been hand in hand for this girl.

Although a model through and through Amina considers print modelling and acting her forte and focus. She feels ramp modelling is certainly not her cup of tea. “I did ramp once and I knew it was not for me.”

Amina on how she met Mohib

“I met Mohib during my employment at Geo TV. I had known of him before as he used to do theatre when I was also doing theatre back in A-levels with another group. He was looked up to quite a bit back then as he would put the stage on fire! When I met him again four years later, it was a pleasant surprise. We worked for a little over a year and decided that our partnership would work wonders in life as well.  It took me a year to decide that he was the man for me. And I have no qualms admitting that God has been kind and that I am blessed with a loving and understanding husband.”  It was not all hunky dory for us. Initially my parents had to be satisfied about my choice for a life partner.  Mohib had to prove his way through, and he really knew how to work with my parents. Now they go through him to make me understand things!”

Spouses in the same field

I feel being in the same filed as your spouse has its advantages all the way. It’s the biggest support and peace of mind. People often ask me how I feel when Mohib works with pretty co-actors. Do I feel jealous/possessive? My answer has always been the same. We both encourage each other to work with ‘pretty/handsome, most importantly, talented’ actors of the opposite gender, it’s most important for our growth and understanding of our craft and the industry. It’s the most harmful thing to restrict the other in such petty matters. Mohib is not a typically possessive Eastern husband who feels insecure because his wife is in showbiz. If such were the case I don’t think I would be here where I am today. He harbours no such desi-hypocracy!

However that certainly doesn’t mean that they do not enjoy working together in a project. Amina considers it a good excuse to re-kindle love when they get an opportunity to play the romantic lead opposite each other.

With so much work under her belt how does she manage to strike a balance between personal and professional life, we wonder? “It’s pretty easy to strike a balance especially with all the help at home, she shares.

Amina’s favourite co-actor

“So far it’s Noman Ijaz. He’s very giving in a performance.  I learn from everyone who I get the opportunity to share a frame with. But it’s not just the choice of her co actor that makes her decide on a particular project. Rather, when taking on an assignment she considers all three aspects to be very important – script, director and co-actors as all these ingredients are very important for a venture to be a success.

Amina’s message for the young women of our country…

“One must always pursue that career in which he is interested. Never leave a desire unfulfilled. Live life to its fullest and never spend too much time in doubt or indecisiveness. Always take a stand and move forward. Cut out negativity from one’s system almost as soon as you find yourself confronted with it. Always choose a positive thought over everything else.

Future plans for Amina Sheikh include…

I am forever evolving but in my own field, because there is so much to learn and apply. It’s a huge canvas that’ll take a lifetime to explore. A few years down the line I see myself as an international film actor.”

“It is truly a blessing to be acknowledged for the work we do, it serves as a fuel for our being, motivates us to continue treading our paths with more zeal and enthusiasm. It is my challenge to continue to redefine, reinvent, relearn, revise all that I do and bring more to the canvas as I continue,” said Amina

Rapid fire round

What defines Aamina Sheikh best?
Aamina Sheikh: An evolving force.

Who is your inspiration in your work…
Aamina Sheikh: Cate Blanchett.

Your most forgettable experience?
Aamina Sheikh: I would’ve forgotten it by now . Does the question imply ‘unforgettable’ if so then my marriage, my year in Turkey during college years, my graduation and the day my younger sister came into my life.

Your most memorable experience?
Aamina Sheikh: When Mohib won his first international actor award in England.

One thing you’d like to change about yourself?
Aamina Sheikh: Sleeping habits.

One thing you love about yourself?
Aamina Sheikh: I give it my all.

Something you’ve always wanted to do…
Aamina Sheikh: Act opposite Will Smith.

Do you like kids? Do you see your own kids in the near future?
Aamina Sheikh: Yes I do.


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