Amanat Ali turns into TV actor – Drama Serial Ishq Samandar

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Ishq Samandar

A new fabulous drama serial “Ishq Samandar” has on aired on 30 October (Tuesday), on TV One at 8:30 pm.
Famous Pakistani singer Amanat Ali who turns into TV actor and famous actress Maira Khan are the leading characters of Drama Serial “Ishq Samandar“.
Cast of Drama Serial “Ishq Samandar” Includes Aamant Ali, Maira Khan, Jamal Shah, Atiqa Odho,Mohsin Gilani, Laila zuberi.
This drama serial is written by Faizi, diretced by Naveed Buzdar and Produced by Farooq Mangal.
The drama serial “Ishq Samandar” is a love story which followed Sufism as well. Viewers can enjoy the rhythmic dialogues used in this drama.
The drama is shooted in the scenic beauties of Banjosa Lake, Azad Kashmir, Rawlakot and Mir Pur. The beautiful sceneries catch the attention of viewers which are really very charming.
Viewers can enjoy the 2nd episode of this drama “Ishq Samandar” on next Tuesday (6th November).
Famous Pakistani actors and actresses are known with the following names in the serial.

Ishq Samandar
Jamal shah:  Zeeshan
Amant ali: Sarmad
Maira Khan: Savera
Atiqa Odho: Amina
Here are some charming scenic beauties of making of “Ishq Samandar”.