All’s well with Elli and Daisy


Previous media reports suggested that not all was well between two of Salman’s protégés, Elli Avram and Jai Ho leading lady, Daisy Shah. Apparently, the latter wasn’t too happy with the fact that Salman was spending time promoting Elli when she needed his undivided attention before the release of their film. Daisy has now decided to take charge and clear the air once and for all.

In a recent interaction with the media, the actress said, “I have met Elli a few times. We’re not best friends, but there’s no tension between us either. I am happy with what Salman has done for me. I am also happy that he has taken charge of Elli’s career.” The actress further added that all the talks of rivalry between the two was only a figment of people’s imagination.

We’ll take your word for it, Daisy.

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