All you need to know about Shahroz and Syra’s separation: Here is the real truth you should know

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Married for almost 7 years, this adorable couple Shahroz Sabzwari and Saira Shahroz have been inspiration as they live happy married life with a baby girl.Lately, the couple has shocked us all by the news of their separation and their hashtags have been trending on social media as the fans wanted to know all about them and their personal life. The rumor has it that couple is no longer living together and divorced. However, not all of it is a rumor as they are living separately not are not divorced!

Shahroz Sabzwari took to his social media and elaborated the whole scenario to the fans and turned down all the rumors regarding the divorce between the couple, “They’ve dragged Sadaf Kanwal into it and I’ve only known her for a month and that too, just as a friend. Syra left the house 6 months ago, it was her decision. That said, there’s been no khula or divorce; we’re just separated at the moment,” he said.

The actors father Bahroze Sabzwari also shared the reality to the people that disputes happen in families and it gets resolved. There has been no Khola or divorced between the couple and Syra Shaharoz is living with his ailing father for 6 months.

The actor further elaborated that model Sadaf Kanwal has nothing to do with the separation!