All you need to know about Aiman Khan’s baby shower: Is it a girl or Boy?

Lately, an extravagant event was organized in which we see mommy-to-be dressed up in all pink posing with her family and friends. Aiman Khan’s baby shower pictures have taken the internet by storm and people are pouring all good wishes for the actress. The lady in pink announced and confirmed that she is expecting and it’s a baby girl!

We have guessed it by the décor and set up as it was all in girlish tones that clearly gave us a big hint towards the gender of the baby. Minal Khan posted a boomerang with the sis and shared her best wishes whereas we also witnessed Kinza Hashmi rubbing shoulder with Aiman Khan.

Quite enthralled by this merriment, we can’t hold our excitement for long to see the cute lil baby in the arms of our adorable actress Aiman Khan.

It was a private event with only close family and friends relishing the prestigious moments but one thing seemed to bother Aiman Khan is that her pictures have been leaked and it was not private anymore as she shared her concern in a story on Instagram.

But nonetheless, those pictures surely made our day bright and we are happy to see her all prepared to step into a new phase of life.

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