Ali Zafar took to the level and belted out some of his most memorable and humongous hits.

The weekend began on an excellent observe for absolutely everyone in Karachi while award-winning and critically acclaimed singer and actor Ali Zafar took to the level and belted out a number of his maximum memorable and humongous hits.

It changed into for the duration of the annual beauty festival called leave out Veet Pakistan, wherein 4 of the maximum acknowledged actors of the Pakistani industry sat down to declare the winner for the coveted platform. those stars included Aamina Sheikh, Adnan Siddiqui, Hareem Farooq and Mahira Khan. They introduced Hira Khan because the winner of the competition where she was marked on intelligence, wittiness, fitness, allure, staying power, enthusiasm, appears and ambition.

Ali Zafar sang hits like “Jhoom” and “Rockstar” and two times recited a poem he had mainly written for the occasion.

Zafar’s mesmerizing overall performance left the audience bowled over and craving for extra. Like I mentioned, earlier, he recited a transferring poem and achieved to “Julie” as properly. The spotlight turned into whilst he known as Mahira on level and together they spoke approximately the need to empower girls, the need to celebrate her achievements and no longer denigrate her. together they have been film magic and set the level alight.

Cricket celebrity Wasim Akram, the forces in the back of the leave out Veet 2018 occasion, namely Sultana Siddiqui and Fareshte Aslam, actors Ahsan Khan, Adnan Malik, Ainy Jaffri, Cybil Chowdhry, Amna Ilyas, Areeba Habib, comedian Raheem Pardesy and eminent members of the media had been additionally gift on the occasion to lend their aid to the celebrated platform.

one of the highlights of the occasion turned into also whilst the contestants have been exceeded out numerous titles in keeping with the influence that they cast on the judges. those titles protected leave out appeal and miss Intelligence, and so on. supermodelbecame-actress Amna Ilyas, leading couturier Shamaeel Ansari and acclaimed actress Mahira Khan got on stage to offer the titles to the fashions.

However, there was one unique moment that in reality turned into the spotlight of the grand occasion. It turned into while all the contestants blended, paid homage and tribute to the running ladies of Pakistan belonging from numerous fields – those who had truly performed the country proud and had made their mark in their respective professions.