Ali Zafar reached 4 million followers on Instagram: This is how he thanked his fans!!

Music icon and acclaimed singer Ali Zafar havereached 4million followers on instagram owing to his escalating popularity among the masses. He thanked his followers for all the love and support he got from them via sharing a captivating click. He has marked himself as one of the favorites celebrities in recent times.

This is what his caption says;

“Thinking about each one of you. My favourite 4 million.Thank you for the growing love. “

The singer has lately also made a quirky version of “ko Ko Korina” and named as Ko Ko Corona that has been applauded by masses. Some people apppreciates this version as it educates people to stay safe and do precautionary measures as some people slammed him for doing so.

Singer had been making headlines on and off owing to his statements and songs but he is renowned as a ROCKSTAR becuase of his multi-talented personality!

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