Ali Sethi Has Been Serving Us Some Serious Fashion Goals In The Year 2019

Men’s fashion has evolved and changed overtime and our male artists have also played their part in it. One personality that has also shone bright with his unique aesthetics and creative fashion statements is Ali Sethi. Apart from his soulful voice, Ali Sethi always manages to wow the audiences with his blingy style and great couture pieces.

From his fantastic taste in dress shirts to his colourful shoes, Ali has always been keen to experiment with his looks. One thing that is Ghazal rockstar always knows how to style is his scarves. From a variety of urban to chic to traditional shawls and scarves, Ali Sethi truly masters the art of caring each one to perfection. Whether it’s a traditional look with a kurta that he is going for or a cool biker look with a leather jacket, this year Ali has set the standard of creating a variety of amazing outfits with his amazing assortment of statement scarves. Another pair of accessories that Ali Sethi smashes with every look is his lovely glasses. From vintage to voguish with his many glasses, Ali has always styled them along with the mood of the outfit. Trust us on this one, no male star does accessories better than Ali Sethi.

To wrap up 2019 with his best looks these are the few things we are totally in love with from Ali Sethi’s wardrobe. His stunning silver Dolce and Gabbana blazer that he wore to his performance has been a raging hit amongst the fashion gurus. Further, he also wore a Moschino parka that truly had been a winner in every aspect. From his collection of pretty floral shirts, Ali Sethi is one artist that can carry every item of clothing with utter finesse and pure charm.

With his out of the box sense in fashion, Ali Sethi has been a fashion icon in the past year who has represented his craft in a positive light both locally and also globally.

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