Ali Noor’s new music album is beyond your imagination: Here is why!

Singer Ali Noor has always come up with something unconventional in his music and enthrall his fans by giving the hit music every time. Lately, he released a quirky upbeat song that connects to the audience and those who understands his music. Not only quirky by the lyrics, the music composition and video have exhilarating vibes, crafting out an exemplary masterpiece. This is what he has to say about his song Banjo;

“This is the first track of my upcoming solo album Pagal. It’s about the frustration artists goes through when they are going through a creative block. The phrase Naya Gana (new song), isn’t referring to something with a new set of lyrics and music. It’s pointing to something that connects with people in a different fashion. The song not only sees the artist frustrated with him or herself but also with those around.  In the sense that there is a lack of engaging and unique ideas that motivate us.

This album would define some of his personal stuff as well curating an exceptional upbeat music, we bet you have never experienced before. He further elaborated the nature of the music, “Noori’s music was very message-driven. This album on the other hand is very personal. It deals with personal stories. The name Pagal was decided since the album represents my state of mind. I am a pretty crazy human being”

Focusing on much of the electronic elements in his music, his new album explains everything about Ali Noor and how he has changed over turn of events. He also wanted to launch it in rather different way by performing it live without releasing it beforehand. But corona virus ruined it all and recorded it eventually.

We are so excited to listen to all of the songs in the album as it would surely be a treat for us amidst corona virus pandemic.

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