Ali Ashraf Releases “Kuch Na Bol” to Help Ease the Quarantine Blues.

Singer/ Songwriter Ali Ashraf has been doing music since the time hewas a law student. With two album releases under his belt, namely ‘Paheli’ (2015) and ‘KalaPeela’ (2017), Ali has now ventured into electronic music. After the recent successful online release ofhis first single in this genre, ‘Dhotay Raho’, Ali now releases a second single ‘Kuch Na Bol’ via his YouTube channel:

This number aims at bringing a little light-hearted respite to people during a challenging pandemic and quarantine.

‘Kuch Na Bol’ has an upbeat and very catchy tempo accompanied by a fun video and uplifting lyrics.
The song puts the listener and viewer in a good mood almost instantly. Describing his reason for
continuing to write music during the ongoing pandemic Ali says, “It is our duty to help support and
give back in whatever way we can during these precarious times. I am hoping that through my songs I
can as an artist, do my bit to help uplift people’s spirits, even if just for 3 minutes, where they can get
away from their troubles and take in some positivity. Music has always had that effect.”!

The video for ‘Kuch Na Bol’ is Ali’s own in-house creation, with music production by Shamsher.
Following ‘Kuch Na Bol’, Ali will be releasing another single by end of July this year called ‘Labda
Phiray’. He will also be releasing a full length Pop Rock album by the end of 2020.
Watch the ‘Kuch Na Bol’ video here:

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