Akshay Kumar gets rashes from shooting in unsafe water for ‘Boss’

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Fifty kilos of disinfectant went down the drain as Akshay Kumar suffered from horrible skin rashes while shooting in unsafe waters.

Akshay Kumar

All efforts to keep Akshay Kumar safe and sound during the shoot of his upcoming film were in vain when the star suffered from severe skin rashes. In anticipation of Akki’s shoot inside a quarry, his team poured almost 50 litres of disinfectant into its waters. But the move backfired and Akshay ended up with his skin badly bruised.

Insiders say the crew in Bangkok knew how unsafe waters inside a quarry could be and was hoping to make it comfortable for the actor.

Says a source, “For an action sequence in Boss, Akshay was required to shoot a scene in the quarry waters with temperatures reaching 48 C. Due to the high content of iron ore inside, the team decided to pour disinfectants in huge quantities. But the actor ended up suffering from rashes but had to continue the shoot.”

Apparently, it was only after the star finished giving his shots did the others realized his predicament.

Producer Ashwin Varde says, “I think what Akshay did speaks volumes about his professionalism.”

Unsuspecting victims

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