Akshay and I want to avoid clash at box office: Ajay Devgn

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Mumbai: Actor Ajay Devgn says he does not want his film ‘Action Jackson’ to clash at the box office with Akshay Kumar-starrer ‘Holiday’.

Both the films — ‘Action Jackson’ and ‘Holiday’ — are set to release on June 6.

“We both want to avoid clash at the box office. Akshay and myself are not involved in this, the producers are sitting and sorting it out. We both would prefer we don’t clash,” Ajay told us.

Recently, the spat arising out of a clash between Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and Ajay’s ‘Son of Sardar’ had turned quite bitter.

Asked if he plans to talk to Akshay about the matter, Ajay, 44, said, “No, because we know we both are not involved anywhere in this (release date issue).”

Makers of ‘Holiday’ claim they had first announced the release date as June 6, while Devgn camp has a different version.

“We had announced May 1 (as release date), that time also they announced the same date. We asked them to move… They couldn’t move, so we thought of moving to June 6 and we came to know that they have also moved to the same date. We have no idea what is happening,” Ajay said.