Akif Mahmood Collection at PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week 2014

“I believe in Pakistan we have so many cultures and traditions to take inspiration from. Being an artist I’m always into arts, history and culture and that’s what I try to depict in my collections. It’s always a fusion of design and contemporary cuts so that the end product is fashionable, yet wearable. PFDC has come a long way with the L’Oreal Paris Bridal week and have been showing the best of Pakistani bridals since the platform’s inception. It is becoming bigger and the most popular bridal week of Pakistan and I’m proud to be showcasing my first bridal collection at this platform.”

Akif Mahmood will be showcasing ‘Virasat’ at the Bank Al-Falah Rising Talent show at PLBW 2014. The womenswear collection takes its inspiration from an imaginary character envisaged by the designer; a Queen of the Sub-continent who is influenced by different ruling families that have been in power in different eras of the Sub-continent, such as the Sikhs, Nawabs, Rajputs and Mughals. The capsule collection will feature 5 unique ensembles based in chiffon, velvet, Jamawars, net and silks embellished with meticulous gota embroideries, zordozi work, beautiful appliques and intricate sequin and stone work. Expect dynamic shades of maroons, golds, greens with hints of purple on cholis, organza and other layered sheer fabrics.

Akif Mahmood graduated in Fashion Design from the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design   (PIFD) in July 2010 and received the Best Collection Award for his work at the institute’s graduation shows. He then showcased his debut collection at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week in November 2010 to critical acclaim, under his own label, ‘Akif’. His signature style is reflected in his use of colours and elements from local Pakistani culture combined with contemporary cuts to create modern yet traditional designs. Internationally Akif was one of few young designers who were selected to represent Pakistan at the IFS (International Fashion Showcase) 2013, which was held in London as part of London fashion week. Locally, Akif has also worked with fashion powerhouse ‘Libas’ till February 2011, retailing under the name of ‘Akif for Libas’ at PFDC Mall One, Lahore. During this period, he was invited as one of seven designers to participate in Ittehad’s summer show. Akif has also been nominated twice for the Lux Style Awards in the category of the ‘Best Emerging Talent’ in the years 2011 and 2012. The designer’s work is now available at the leading multi branded stores in Lahore, Karachi and London.

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