Aiman and Muneeb has been trolled again?? But this time it’s on religious perspective!

It’s not the first time the ace actors have been trolled by the fans and people in social media especially when it comes to the religious perspective. Aiman and Muneeb have been highly criticized over their marriage ceremonies al across Pakistan but in Aiman Khan’s recent Interview she clarified that she doesn’t bother such comments and continue to live her life with utter joy and happiness. But again this time Aiman and Muneeb have been trolled badly as they posted their pictures straight from the Holy Places while performing Umrah. But the questions arise why people only criticize them for posting these pictures besides it’s quite a norm of celebrities to post their exclusive pictures when they perform Umrah. 

We have to be a tolerant society rather than taking each and everything negative and always disapproving celebrities!

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