AIESEC joins hands with Reckitt Benckiser for ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’

Karachi: AIESEC, a renowned international leadership development organization, recently went into partnership with Reckitt Benckiser (RB), the makers of Dettol, Mortein and Harpic. The two joined hands for the ‘Hoga Saaf Pakistan’ campaign comprising of various initiatives that aim to create a healthier and cleaner Pakistan. This campaign was launched on 14th August 2017 and since then, it has received immense support and appreciation by key influencers, celebrities and the public.

There’s no denying that the youth of today are the mindful leaders of tomorrow, they have the power to restructure our society in ways that others have previously struggled with. Keeping that in mind, this partnership is a well thought step taken by RB to inspire the youth to own the cause and work towards a Saaf Pakistan. AIESEC Pakistan is an entirely youth-run organization with over 500 members nationally and presence in all the major universities of Pakistan; affiliated with AIESEC globally. Additionally, AIESEC Pakistan carries out more than 800 exchange programs and several community and social projects annually. The organization firmly believes that youth leadership is not a privilege, but a great responsibility to inspire change for a better society and world to live in. With this partnership, RB aims to create maximum awareness amongst the youth about the importance of cleanliness and how it should evolve from within each Pakistani while simultaneously taking action and spreading the message of Hoga Saaf Pakistan as a whole for others to join the cause.

“Through Hoga Saaf Pakistan, RB and AIESEC together, aspire to create mass awareness especially with the youth by embedding Saaf Pakistan as a vision which then can become a reality. The idea is to take action and inspire others to join the cause. Several big initiatives are planned as part of this collaboration which includes but is not restricted to cleanliness drives in different cities, workshops and think tanks across universities to encourage students to come up with sustainable ideas for a Saaf Pakistan and a lot more. These big initiatives will be much more inclusive for the general public to support the cause and pledge their time for a healthier, cleaner Pakistan. Milkay lagayeigne jaan, tau Hoga Saaf Pakistan!” said Fahad Ashraf, Marketing Director of RB Pakistan.

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