Ahsan Khan slammed the haters who are moral policing Turkish actors!

Ahsan Khan has been vocal about on-going societal issues through his social media platforms. He lately tweeted about Pakistani’s behavior towards Turkish actors and how wrongly they are building our image internationally by negativity. Pakistani men are obsessed with Halim Sultan’s character in drama Dirilis Ertugrul played by super model Esra Bilgic and commenting on her Instagram posts that are bold. Assuming that she should be in the character in her personal life too which is absurd. Starting off from Astaghfiruallah Halima Baji to melting down owing to her bold posts, Pakistanis are going too far.

Not only that, Pakistanis are trolling Dirilis Ertugrul main lead actor played by Engin Altan Düzyatan and criticized the actor for posting a picture on Instagram with his dog.

Ahsan Khan got furious over this behavior by Pakistani men and bashing Turkish actors on their Instagram accounts;

Here is what he has to say;

Ahsan Khan requested everyone to spare the cast of Dirilis Ertugrul as it would deteriorate Pakistan’s image internationally.

Official page of drama Dirilis Ertugrul however showered their love and thanked Pakistanis for subscribing to the you tube channel and for showing great love for drama.

Esra Bilgic has again won our hearts by responding to Priyanka Chopra’s pro-war statement and bashed her utterly. Questioned her designation as UN goodwill ambassador and made us all go drooling over her recent tweet.

We should not forget that they are actors and solemnly portraying the characters of the history. They have their own lives and no one has the right to bash them at any given point.

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