Ahsan Khan has PROVED that he is versatile: This is why we are so sure!

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Glamourizing the media industry owing to his sparkling talent, the legendary actor Ahsan Khan has always portrayed an exotic side of him and let his flawless talents to unfold eventually on small and big screens. Yearning to keep getting more form his acting chops, the actor has many feathers on his cap in terms of successful plays, dramas and movies. Taking the norm to nail every field he goes into, Ahsan Khan has knocked us down by his exceptional and sophisticated way of hosting shows especially Ramadan Transmissions.

Like prior years, this year too Ahsan Khan has opted to host Ramadan Transmission and invited ace celebrities to his shows making it more lit by their aura. Informative religious content, morality and ultimate level of respect he tends to give to his guests have made us go swooning over this dapper actor turned host. We are solemnly impressed by the hosting skills of this actor and we are damn sure that you would agree on the fact that he is one of the decent celebrity in Pakistan