Ahad Raza Mir’s mom is going to release her single soon: Can’t wait for it!

Ahad’s mother, Samra Raza Mir who is popularly known as Mama Mir, has recently revealed one of her talents. Taking to her social media she revealed that she is soon going to release her new song and that stunned us all. It seems like not only Ahad Raza Mir, Sajal Aly and Asif Raza Mir are imbued with talent, Maam Amir has gotten hidden talent as well. She was also part of first girl band in Pakistan and she is all geared to pursue her career as singer. She actually worked alongside singer Huma Khawaja and Adila in the band ‘Symphony’ that emerged in 1993.This is what she stated;

“Not sure if many of you know, I formed the first female music group in Pakistan. I have found time during these times to work on what I love and would love to hear your feedback on a song I will be releasing in the following days,”

Samra, an active Instagram user, in self-isolation with her family including her recently wed daughter-in-law Sajal Ali. She had been updating the fans from quarantine. She has close bond with Sajal Aly as we see her showing loving through Instagram posts.

We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope that talented lady would definitely come up with up something out of the box and initiate a new trend in Pakistan.

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