Ahad Raza Mir is acing high in HAMLET in Calgary and we are more than proud!

Paving his way to Pakistani cinema by giving back to back hits with prominence, Ahad Raza Mir every time proved his mettel in field of acting. Not forgetting his roots, he also got back to his university of Calagary where he used to be part of theatre and played several lead roles in Shakespeare dramas exceptionally and we are so proud of him by his fascinating acting skills and making his mark even deeper by performing effortlessly in Canada as Hamlet, a story that revolves around a horror dilemma! The actor has elaborated about his experience in theatre,

“I think my comeback is less professional and more personal,” Ahad said adding, “I wanted to return to the stage, I haven’t been on it for so long. I also just wanted a challenge and to be honest with you, when I’m in Pakistan, I’m just at my house because if I go outside it can be kind of hectic at times. While I love taking selfies and I love my fans, I just needed a break.”

Topping it all off, Pakistani actor Ahad Raza Mir has been engrossed to the characters in various Shakespeare plays like Tempest, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth before switching to the film industry.

“I’m figuring it out as the process goes and I probably won’t figure it out until halfway through the show. Our adaptation is unique because we’re playing with a horror element. What The Shakespeare Company does really well is that they make things accessible for people who don’t usually watch or are even familiar with Shakespeare. I think our first goal is to make things relatable for the audience. We don’t want people sitting there going, ‘What the hell are they talking about?’ The way I’m doing it is not so presentational but more humanized. It’s less about presenting and more about the actor to feel it — if they communicate properly, then the audience will get it,” he said.

If you look closely at the poster, there is something special the costume of about Hamlet: A Ghost Story. The half-skull, half-Ahad design is probably the main focus of the poster. But a person of Pakistani heritage will instantly realize that the collar of Hamlet’s shirt resembles the collar of a traditional men’s kurta.“To suit me, they definitely gave Hamlet’s costume a desi vibe,” Ahad jested

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