Ahad Raza Mir can’t get enough of Saddan Hassan’s overwhelming welcome to Sikh at Kartarpur!

Both nationally and Internationally, our prime Minister Imran Khan has been applauded immensely owing to his gigantic initiative regarding Kartarpur inauguration. A clear treat for Indian Sikhs to embrace true colors of their religion to the fullest. Opening gates to sikh and giving them visas at a large scale has again proved that we are nation of peace and harmony and take every step to sustain it in the region.

Saddam Hassan showed around an Indian Sikh the entire kartarpur realm and spilled out his feelings about opening of Kartarpur Corridor. As the video made by the Sikh himself went viral,it caught attention of ace actor Ahad Raza Mir. He portrayed his feelings about the video in an overwhelming way.

“This is what every Pakistani feels and stands for: Compassion, humanity and peace. Saddam Hassan really sums up the fact that Pakistan welcomes everyone. Can anyone help me get Saddam’s contact details? Want to meet and thank him for being such a good ambassador of our country.”

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