Adnan Sami slam Indian music industry for exploitation!

After singer Sonu Nigam, singer Adnan Sami also lashed out at the Indian music industry. He called it a mafia controlling the art and music in the industry. The singer opened up about the exploitation of talent in the film and music industry.

Adnan Sami’s opinion about Indian music industry

In an elaborate post on Instagram, Sami wrote “The Indian film and music industry seriously needs a ‘Herculean’ shakeup. Especially in the context of music, new singers, veteran singers, music composers, and music producers – who are being exploited to the hilt! Fall into the dictator you’re out. Why is creativity controlled by those you have no clue about creativity and are trying to play god?”

Adnan Sami also questioned the trend of rehashing old films and songs in Bollywood. Lately, Bollywood has been following the trend of reproducing old films and movies instead of producing new content.

“We have 1.3 billion people in India by the grace of God. Are remakes and remixes all we have to offer? For God’s sake, stop this and allow the truly talented new and veteran artists to breathe and give you creative peace musically and cinematically!” Adnan Sami wrote about Indian music industry.

He called the mafias of film and movie industry authoritarian and arrogant. He added, “Have you, the movie and music mafia who have arrogantly entitled yourselves as the ‘self-professed & self-appointed gods‘ not learned anything from history?”

“Haven’t you learned that you can never control art and the ecosystem of creativity of any field? Enough! Move over, change is here and it’s knocking on your door! Ready or not, it‘s coming in! Brace yourselves!”“As Abraham Lincoln said – ‘You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time,’” he concluded.

Following Sonu Nigam and Adnan Sami, other singers are also opening up about their experiences of exploitation in the Indian music industry.

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