Aditya Roy Kapoor receives marriage proposal written with blood!

Bollywood actor Aditya Roy Kapur who turned a year older a few days back, celebrated his birthday in Kashmir. The actor might have received many gifts on his birthday, but the one gift that might have given him a shocker was a letter written to him by one of his fans with her own blood.

As per reports, when the actor was back home, to his surprise he saw a letter written in blood. It was a marriage proposal from a girl hailing from Aligarh. The girl who is ardent fan of the actor wants to marry him.

Well, such love from fans might have left Aditya surprised but at the at the same time a little worried about the girl who went to such a dangerous extent to express her love for Aditya. Aditya even advised the girls not to do any such things to express their love for him.

Many might be thinking as to how his girlfriend Shraddha Kapoor might have reacted to the same!

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