Adamjee Life fulfilling dreams worth a million

Adamjee Life Assurance Co. Ltd. is a contemporary Life assurance and investment company. Adamjee Life believes in the individuality of the youth of this generation. 7 out of 10 children walk on the path carved out by their parents, and therefore lose the brilliance within them. Most parents want their kids to be competitive, and win every challenge on the way. Psychological research shows that sometimes parents see their children as future stars to boost their own self esteem. Parents care for their children more than anyone indubitably, but not everyone can grow up to be the best doctor or an engineer.

Adamjee Life has picked up responsibility of creating awareness about this issue, and as a result, they want to motivate parents to let their kids shine.

Pakistan’s literacy rate is 57 percent, and millions of kids are unable to get education due to lack of resources, chief among them being financial constraints. To put their initiative into an action plan, Adamjee Life has offered scholarship worth PKR 1 million to a student to help turn his/her dream into reality, be it a dream to learn sciences, or become an artist.

Thousands of people took part in this program, in hopes of receiving scholarships which would help them pursue their goals. Out of these entries, one stood out of a young boy from Loralai, Baluchistan. His message is that education is important for every child, but in Pakistan the rate of education is too low. In his video, he says that he has limited means, but wants to get an education as he grows up. His charismatic personality shines through, and it will give hope to people who belong to small towns.

Adamjee Life has proved that words alone cannot improve anything until effort is put into them. Considerable amount of responses, and the positive outcome that this campaign received, have proved it successful. Through this scholarship program, a life has changed and it will continue to give children hope to dream out loud.


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