Actress Angelina Jolie pens touching tribute to her late mother!

As many celebrities took to social media to share childhood pictures with their mums for Mother’s Day on May 10, actress Angelina Jolie took it a step further by penning a tribute to her late mother actress Marcheline Bertrand.

The tribute, which was published in The New York Times Opinion section, tells a heartwarming story about how Bertrand raised Jolie and her brother after separating from her husband Jon Voight, who is also an actor.Jolie, 44, said in the tribute that Bertrand’s death in 2007, a result of ovarian cancer, was like “having someone rip away a protective blanket”.

“Mother’s Day is hard for anyone who has lost their mim, but this year must be particularly so because of coronavirus. So many people have lost a parent suddenly, without being by their side, able to care for them and return their love in the way they’d always imagined.”

The Oscar-winning actress said that as she gets older and comes to terms with her mother’s untimely death, she finds herself appreciating more about her mother.

“With my girls growing up and being the ages I remember so well as a daughter, I am rediscovering my mother and her spirit. She was a girl who danced all night on the Sunset Strip and loved rock ‘n’ roll. She was a woman who loved, even after loss, and never lost her grace and her smile.”

Jolie ended the piece by honouring the strong mothers who are struggling in poverty or as refugees and commended them for their efforts in keeping their children safe.

“Nothing is more painful for a mother or father than to be unable to provide their child with the things they need. This is a reality many more families are facing during this pandemic, even in America. But I have learned that when children know how much you love them, sometimes that understanding counts for more than the thing itself. And when they grow up, knowing that you never abandoned them, or left them in an unsafe situation, or ever stopped fighting for them, will be what counts.

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