Accelerating Online Shopping Trends in Pakistan

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The Internet has revolutionized the way we think and behave nowadays. Just as we search online to find answers to all our questions, we use it for our shopping needs, too. Even though the concept of online shopping is relatively newer in Pakistan, it has been growing at a fast pace for the past few years. Every common man in the country now has access to the Internet, which is the core reason for the prevailing online shopping trends for the last few years. However, a large population in Pakistan still shows reluctance in buying from online shopping stores. Let’s have a look at the reasons why and why not people trust online shopping in Pakistan.

Why Pakistanis Trust Online Shopping?

Both the urban and rural areas of Pakistan show similar Internet buying trends with slight variations. This shows people have developed their trusts in online shopping. According to a research, Karachi shows a 12% increase in online shopping trend since 2012. This shows a great potential for e-commerce in the country. Below are some of the major reasons why Pakistanis trust online shopping.

Easy Access to the Internet

Unlike the past few years, people in Pakistan now have an easy access to the Internet. Every home is equipped with a 24/7 WiFi system and every individual in the country has an access to the personal mobile Internet. This enables them to shop easily from the web without spending much.


The hustle and bustle of the market and noise pollution while traveling create a lot of nuisance. Everyone wants to avoid them but these are inevitable in most of the cities. Shopping from the Internet saves you from traveling hurdles and you don’t have to haggle for prices either. Some of the online stores such as GetNow, iShopping and among others are successfully doing their businesses in the country and customers are making the most of them.

Why Don’t Pakistanis Trust Online Shopping?

Still, there are people who don’t prefer buying from the web and they have their reasons to do that. Have a look at why Pakistanis don’t trust online shopping as much as other countries.

Trust Issues

Pakistanis have trust issues due to the prevailing fraud in the country. Unlike developed countries such as Japan, China, United States, England, and others, seller’s fraud in Pakistan is a common issue. This is why people show reluctance in buying from the Internet. People often complain they do not get what they saw on the web and the quality is rarely what they are assured by the sellers.

Slow Growth Rate of E-commerce

Even though the trend is changing and people now have an easier access to the Internet than they had in the past, the e-commerce growth in the country is still not up to the mark. It will take some time for Pakistanis to cope with the e-commerce growth of the developed countries.

In a Nutshell

Despite the slight unwillingness of Pakistanis to buy from the Internet, most of the cities show more growth in online shopping than the past. This shows that people are trusting online shopping and have developed their trusts due to the presence of some reliable online stores in the market.

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