Mehwish Aadil / Marketing Manager

Mehwish Aadil  identify target markets and develop strategies, prepare and manage marketing plans.

Xille Huma / Marketing Manager

Xille Huma works for the potential growth opportunities and business development.

Sadia Zaheer / Contributor

Sadia Zaheer ( Editor Ebuzz Magazine). She is a journalist based in Lahore and works for Sunday Plus Magazine ,The Nation also and frequently comments on fashion and lifestyle.

Usman Farooq / Social Media Expert

Usman is responsible for developing content across owned and earned social channels. This could include blog posts, tweets, status updates, pins, photos and videos. He Creates, manages and grows business presence across social media channels, including, but not limited to blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, youTube and Instagram.

Sonia Mishal / News Editor

A fine arts student currently living in Lahore Pakistan after moving from Doha Qatar, Sonia likes reading & writing. Her Favorite American novelist Danielle Steel is the source of inspiration and her writing style matches her.

In her spare time she do art work, being creative runs in the family. For she writes about latest happening in Entertainment Industry from Celebrity Gossips to critical reviews Sonia keep a close eye on the happening inside the world of fashion and media.


Zuha Afzal / Content Writer

Zuha did formal education from St.Denys’ High School Murree after O/A’ Levels she did certified courses in Interior and Textile designing from Rawalpindi Institute of Art and Design. Last year she moved to United States to pursue a degree in Liberal Arts. Her main focus has always been fashion and entertainment with a vision to promote the youth of Pakistan associated with the art industry around the globe. At Ebuzz Magazine she aims to provide some exciting stuff for the readers..

Rana Moshin / Contributor, Graphic Designer

I have a keen interest in everything to do with branding, graphic design and typography – probably call it an obsession.. Anything I see, something in a magazine, out on the street… in an old movie.. the receptive nature of the creative facility just astounds me.. I am a creative type bloke working in Dunya Television Network as a Graphic Designer/Visualizer. Beside my job I also teach Design in hunerkada, Lahore..

yousaf FAYYAZ / Writer, Photographer

Ever since I first bought a camera in 2006, I have been passionate about photography. Although I made my first commercial sale of photographs to New Zealand Advertising Agency soon after buying this camera, but still I didn’t make photography as my full time job. I run a digital media advertising agency with the name of nutskulls.

I am the Admin of Pakistani Photographer (Club) where we conduct several photography competitions, we held first Pakistani Photographer exhibition in 2006 at Nairang Art Gallery, Lahore.

I also sell my photography on &

I now take great satisfaction in taking professional photographs of all types of subject and enjoy the challenges that photography provides from still life photograph, arranging a group portrait, cityscape or doing fashion photography. Much of my work involves photographing Runway models and doing landscape photography for international clients on

My clients include advertising and design agencies, newspaper, publishing companies and magazines.

Recently my work is published in Daily Times, The News, INK MAG and ILS MAG.