Aamir Zaki not a part of Coke Studio Season 4?

There’s one thing for sure that 2010 has been the year of come back for the guitar maestro, Zaki. From performances at BRC & PACC to releasing a long-awaited single and a video, Zaki has been playing his strings just right. He also signed up a campaign with Warid glow where he was found playing Walkin’ Blues.

Rumor has it that Aamir Zaki auditioned for the fourth season of the Coke Studio but was never contacted by the team. When asked Rohail, he replied

Not true. We were about to experiment with a new concept and I approached him (Zaki) for that. Unfortunately, the idea didn’t materialise due to the shortage of time. We don’t go around ‘rejecting’ talent, and that too, of the caliber of Aamir. I’m sure we will work together on the same concept sometime in future,

Aamir Zaki, on the contrary, said

No one from Coke Studio contacted me. I really wanted to be a part of the venture, but no one asked me.

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