Aamir Khan is in relationship with Delhi Food these days- Shooting ‘Peekay’

Amir Khan

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan was recently spotted shooting for his upcoming political satire film ‘Peekay’, in a yellow helmet and has put on dark maroon lipstick in New Delhi’s shopping hub Dilli Haat’.

According to reports, Aamir Khan is making full use of this shooting schedule, as the busy actor is making sure that he catches up with his friends and enjoys some local delicacies that the city has to offer.

Mr. Perfectionist however is not being careless with his food habits as a unit member says that Aamir Khan keeps a check so as to maintain a ‘certain persona’ for ‘Peekay’.

He said: “After the shoot, Aamir is catching up with his friends and family members over a cup of coffee. Of course this also includes a spread of North Indian delicacies that are in the offing. Though he is health conscious and has to maintain a certain persona for Peekay, he can be seen enjoying a few nibbles here and there. After all, with the festive season being on, it is tough for anyone to resist the spread on the platter.”

While the shooting schedule is progressing smoothly, Aamir is also ensuring that there is good time available for him to catch up with his friends in the city. A source informs: “Since this is an elaborate shooting schedule, Aamir is making up for the lost time.”

While he has a long list of friends with whom he is doing a catching up act over a cup of coffee, the temptation of having a bite or more of the Delhi cuisine is on his mind as well.

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