Aamir Khan clones Emraan Hashmi’s plan

Aamir Khan

The actor known for his innovative film marketing finally seems to have taken a leaf out of his colleague’s book. No sooner than Aamir Khan announced that he will be meeting crime journalists across the country as a part of his promotional exercise for Taalash, industry insiders have been quick to point out that finally Aamir has been inspired by Emraan Hashmi. Incidentally, this is the first time Aamir will repeat a marketing exercise previously adopted by another actor.

Aamir has declared he is going on a nine-city tour where he will be interacting with journalists covering the crime beat. The reports also said that the journalists concerned have already been informed about the actor’s visit. It has been tomtommed as Aamir’s own marketing brain wave because apparently, “He always wanted to meet the top crime journalists in the country.”

However, Aamir’s strategy seems to have been inspired. When Emraan was promoting Rush, the film’s team decided to organise a special interaction with the crime journalists of print and electronic media since he was playing a journalist himself.

Several interactions were held with an important meeting at a Juhu five star in October this year. At the event, six crime reporters were invited on stage to interact with Emraan as other journalists watched. Emraan wore a quintessential journo hat at the event and even interrogated the reporters present. Though the film failed to create a flutter at the box office, the marketing exercise had been successful and created the necessary noise.

The producer-distributor of the film, Shailendra Singh is visibly thrilled at the promotional gimmick “inspiring” a marketing maverick. “What can you say when God decides to copy you? The marketing strategy was taken up first by our team and it was a huge success. We organised one more similar interaction. I am thrilled that Aamir has decided to do the same thing. It’s a huge compliment for the whole team of the film,” he told us. daily times monitor

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