A visit to Rowtisserie

This time on visiting dolmen mall Clifton I finally decided to taste Rowtisserie * fingers crossed*

The interior of the restaurant is very eye catching and the seating arrangement is spacious. Now coming to the food which is an essential part of any running restaurant.

As we were new to the restaurant we decided to ask the waiter for his recommendation. He recommended:

1) Row platter (costed Rs.1250) which contained fish finger, prawns bites, buffalo wings, hummus and chicken strips. I really liked the chicken strips and buffalo wings.

2) Steak and cheese panini ( costed Rs.650) paninis are not my thing ,it was ordered by one of my friend who ultimately was much more interested in my flamed grilled rowtisserie chicken.

3) Lemon fish (Rs.795) which was served with lemon butter sauce and baby potatoes. It was a little bland for my taste but others loved the lemon butter feels.

4) Flamed grilled rowtisserie chicken (costed Rs.495) which was served with row sauce, garlic sauce ,pickles and pitta. OMG it blew up my taste buds and it had a unique taste which I could not compare or relate to any other restaurant. Indeed it was the best item amongst the menu as said by the waiter.

As our table was being cleared , the waiter asked us for the dessert. He recommended

5) Chocolate mud pie which was heavenly for chocolate lovers and it was simply divine.

We didn’t stop, we also ordered:

6) Salted caramel cheesecake which for me was an unusual new thing because it had a layer of sponge cake in it. It was not as sweet as the chocolate mud tart. Old school and yum.

I am definitely planning to visit @rowtisserienow again!!!!

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