A. R. Rahman’s song of hope for the world

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Music maestro A. R. Rahman has composed a song to spread a positive message in the face of predictions that the world will come to an end this year. “There have been predictions that the world will come to an end on 21.12.12. But I look around me and I see so much scope for hope, joy and,

most importantly, love,” says Rahman.

Though he refuses to divulge details on the song, he reveals it will be themed on love. “Mankind has the innate capability to love, and that is what this single is about,” says Rahman, who is currently finishing the song in the US and is likely to release it next week.

The Oscar winner has partnered with industrialist Mukesh Ambani and his wife, Nita Ambani for the project. “They have played a crucial role in bringing this song to life,” he says. Nita Ambani confirmed the news, saying, “Yes, I am delighted to be working with AR; it’s a project close to my heart.”