A.R Rahman composes background music for Raanjhanaa from LA

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A.R Rahman
A R Rahman may be busy dividing his time between 3 cities – Chennai, Mumbai and Los Angeles. But now after several delayed Bollywood projects in the past he’s determined to make sure his  projects in Mumbai don’t suffer on account of  his itinerant lifestyle.
Taking stock of the fact that projects tend to get delayed by his travel plans Rahman is at  the moment collaborating on the background score of  Raanjhanaa from LA.
Says a source close to the project, “Other filmmakers in the past have found it difficult to keep pace with Rahman’s travel plans. The last stage of a film score, namely the background music, has been especially problematic for many composers in the past. Not so any more. Rahman is on the computer and the phone working on the music for Raanjhanaa.”
Confirms the Raanjhanaa director Aanand Rai, “It’s very encouraging and inspiring to see Rahman’s enthusiasm about the music. We’re done with the songs and now he’s working with on the background score from LA. I don’t like working on the computer. So we’re on the phone together constantly getting the right lines and notes into place for the background music.”
Says Aanand, “For Rahman Raanjhanaa is like his first score. After all these years he hasn’t lost his enthusiasm and passion for his music. He is in a different continent. But he is constantly connecting with me on the music. The background music is shaping up even when we are not together in the same city.”
Interestingly one of the biggest hurdles in Bollywood’s collaborations with Rahman was his work hours. Rahman comes into his own as a creative artiste at a time when most people are fast asleep.
Quips Aanand, “I don’t know about others. But with me even the time difference between us working out to our music’s advantage. Rahman is at his creative best in the night. When he is ready to rock in LA in the night-time it is just the hour in the morning here when I am up and about  and ready to work.”
Adds the director, “Working long-distance on the music Raanjhanaa has proved very rewarding to my project.”