A different Lollywood film ‘Dukhtar’


Here is another Lollywood movie that shines light on a very serious issue ‘Child forced Marriage’ we are sure none of us has ever heard about a young girl who gets kidnapped on her wedding day that too by her real mother. now this issue looks very strange of course it has a story behind it.

The tale revolves around a young mother, Allah Rakhi, who kidnaps her ten-year-old daughter on the day of her child’s forced marriage and makes a run. A powerful tribal leader wants to punish them and pursues the runaway mother and her child bride. The conflict between the mother and daughter; and the opposed forces is the centre point of the story. This is one of the very painful and pinching issues being faced by interior Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and interior Punjab.

The Movie is director by a young female Afia Nathaniel under the banner of Zambeel Films Afia Nathaniel, a LUMS graduate, established Zambeel Films in 2008 with a vision of producing local films for global audience. Earlier, she has done three short films, Toba Tek Singh, Long After (Muntazir), and Butterfly as writer, producer, director, and editor. She’s nominated and won many international film and documentary awards by now.

it is good to see females taking a step in this industry as well as bringing issues like this in the spot light.

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