90’s Pakistani bands we would love to reunite to produce iconic songs once again!

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Much treasured and appreciated worldwide, Pakistani bands were the soul of legendary compositions. the music of Pakistani bands can’t be compared with any other music realm as it truly distinguished itself from the rest of the world and marked its place as the exclusive music of all times. 90’s era kids must be missing some serious music in today’s world as they tend to follow the bands that has created history with their deep rooted compositions and lyrical content that made us all go awestruck. Without any high provision, just by their mere talent they raised the bar of music sense all over the world and still their anthems are hummed by the fans of 90’s. Our new generation surely is lacking the original context of the music that we as 90’s kid were blessed with.

Here are legendary bands that got us banging our heads hard still with their so melodious compositions!


Had the rumours of their reunion got the fans of junoon so excited and exhilarating for the people all across Pakistan by Sooper Biscuits Company. The mere sight of them being together made us jumping on our feet, but we wish to see them producing more of such songs they composed earlier like Taara Jaala, suyun ni and jazba junoon. The group member broken up to continue their solo career and the band died down instantly leaving us all craving for those iconic musical numbers we tend to follow

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Recently loved by his charming persona Fawad Khan has been an eminent part of E.P as the lead singer and gained enough fame to be recognized in the music industry due to it’s band exquisite members. Produced the songs like wqta,hamesha and kahan hai tu had made us fallen for them till date. Cant get over the heavy rock vibes that we enjoyed in that era and still long for it. Ahmed Ali butt, Xulfi and Fawad khan reunited for their performance in the Pepsi battle of the bands and this flawless sight had got us goose bumps.


Ali Hamza and Ali Noor had got us going with their exquisite style music that turned the direction of pop rock to another level by crafting their way out to the society norms and breaking it. Manwa Re and suno key mein hun jawan had triggered us to think in an innovative way like they did. Woohoo, we still want their band to compose such amazing numbers on which we can groove around.

Vital signs:

Obituatary of Junaid Jamshed’s death had made it impossible to see the group memebers together and perform some of their famous songs of all times but that band had changed the fate of music Industry of Pakistan as we may say it. Bringing forth the way, how it’s done! Vital Signs marked their signs at our hearts by their extremely distinctive style music and lyrics with enchanting videos to resonate.