8 ways to spend quality time during quarantine: Don’t let Corona Virus ruin your weekends!

Amidst an epidemic that created havoc all across the globe and have taken lives of thousands, many countries are forced to lockdown in order to prevent it’s further outbreak. Corona Virus has reached Pakistan and it’s major cities which is quite alarming as the cases of corona virus are increasing day by day, leaving no choice but to have social distancing. We have not yet got any cure or vaccine for the virus and the only way to stop it’s spread by isolating oneself at home. Taking suitable precautionary measures while social boycott can help us get through this pandemic. Government has announced lockdown and urging people to cooperate with them in this regard. Many ace celebrities are practicing quarantine and staying home and provoking their fans to do so. That’s the only way to stay safe and keep your family safe as well!

As we all love to socialize and interact with people, in this difficult time when we have to stay alone, we can definitely make the most out of this time and improve our personality!

Here are some ways that you should consider to make your weekends worthwhile and entertaining!

And no we won’t recommend Netflix!!

Read novels:

Get your mind off the bombardment of depressing news by reading more books especially novels that would take you to another world and hence, you would spend a good quality time while in quarantine.

Play indoor games:

Let’s relive the era of 90’s, the things we used to do when we were kids. As now we got the time to practice many things which we normally couldn’t, play indoor games like badminton, cricket, table tennis or board games with your siblings.

Start baking:

Not really interested in cooking? Find an alternative and do baking as it is more fun than anything else. Watch you tube tutorials to do so and make some customized cupcakes or cookies.

Cleaning your home:

You must have been thinking about changing your home settings or redecorate it with fancy items. Well, now you get plenty of time to do so. Why don’t you go for recycling your old stuff and use it as an alluring decorative stuff.

Make entertaining/informative videos:

Start making informational or entertaining videos on your social media platforms as that would keep you busy and also provide content for your followers on Instagram. Be creative while quarantine & stay safe!

Spot trends via online shopping:

Come with something exquisite and follow the contemporary trends that would accentuate your style statement. Closely observe the trends online and buy nice clothing line.

Spend more time with family:

That’s the best thing you can do right now! Not only this would give you strength, it would lessen the communication gap with your family especially your parents. Discuss your problems with them and understand their problems as well!