7 ways to make your Valentine’s day exceptionally memorable: Thank us later!

While going through tough times and hindrances that come across in our lives, we have forgotten the precious moments and things that would make our relationships strong. We, as Pakistanis are not really prone to celebrate Valentine’s day and criticized it on various platforms but it’s time to let go of all the negativity and cherish the vibes utterly. We have been witnessing violence and atrocities in our society so we should all have that one day in which there is sheer optimism and love. If not by the name of Valentine’s day, you can always specify any other day to accentuate the value of love and connection that we have long forgotten.

P.s It should be noted that Valentine’s Day should not be definite to dating, it caters a lot more, if you think over it!

Here are some exquisite ways you can make this Valentine’s day worth commemorating!

Surprise your better half:

There is nothing better than surprising your better half with the things they love. It can be you as well dressed up in his/her favourite style statement.

Girls/Boys day out:

This one is for all single people out there, no valentine is needed to celebrate your perfect Valentine’s day. It’s merely just the way you perceive it, so make a plan that incorporates all the girls or all boys group. Go for hangout, dinner and a fun movie!!

Family gathering:

You can always show affection to your family and relatives but we sadly don’t get time from our busy routines to do so. Not to worry, Valentine’s day is just around the corner, invite your family and close relatives at your place and arrange a bbq with soothing music to go with. Make it an evening that you would remember!

Watch a nice movie:

This one is perfectly good for newly married couples, they should spend a quality time together followed by a movie.

Go for adventures:

Enjoy some adventurous moments with your close friends and loved ones by organizing a small venture to another city. Camping, night out, travelling or may be skydiving (why not), make this valentine’s day adrenaline rushed.

A nice dine out:

Fancy a nice decent dine out at the rooftop or beach (if you have it in your city)?? Well, this is the most romantic thing that you can do this Valentine’s day. Either with your family or with the person you love!

Make something creative:

You can always win someone’s heart just by your mere concern about him or her. Bring out your creative instincts in form of cards, flowers or gestures that would make other go awed for you!

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