The 7 Best New Sunglasses to Shop Now


Who doesn’t want to look hot and gorgeous in the scorching sun without spending to much time in front of mirror and doing the perfect makeup which will eventually gonna melt or smudge. Shades or sunglasses are the perfect things to carry with yourself in summers. Those are life savers or we can say summer savers.!!!

These Gorgeous acetate frames that are perfect for oval faces.

That perfect cat-eye flick in eyeglass form.

The cool girl shades every celebrity wants to photographed in—from Sophia Richie to Gigi Hadid.

Wire-rimmed glasses, but not the nerdy kind.

Paparazzi-repellant glasses that will make you feel famous.

We saw Rihanna and Bella Hadid wearing these Dior sunglasses, so I went out and bought Dior sunglasses.

We prefer our bug-eye, Iris Apfel shades in crystals and suede, thank you very much.

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